In Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Moriarty uses a deadly disease on Irene Adler which caused near-instant death.

  • What was this disease?
  • And why didn't Moriarty use it on Watson and his wife during the murder attempt?

I realize that the last question can be chalked up to just a plot device, but I don't know if I missed a reason why he never used it again.

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He stated, to Sherlock, that it was a strain of tuberculosis.

Moriarty: The strain proves too much for her, and she suddenly falls ill...with tragic consequences. A rare form of tuberculosis. She succumbed in a matter of seconds.

As far as I can determine, he killed off the girl rather directly because she was a major loose end in his plans. He sent the “assassins” to kill the Watsons to A) Distract Sherlock, and B) To state that they weren't safe, no matter what.

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