What is the croupier saying during this game of baccarat from the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only? The subtitles only say "speaking French" and I know that much, but would actually like to understand the dialogue.

From the start until 2:13.

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No translation is given, I think, because it is not necessary to follow what is going on: Bond wins. If you understand Baccarat, you will follow the game. But let's see where my rusty French will go. Let's use the following notation:

  • (time) English (French):
  • (0:07) 500,000 from Banker (Cinq cent mille le Banco)
  • (0:08) Who will match? (Qui fait Banco? (I think))
  • (0:12) Banker, cards if you please. (Banco, cartes s'il vous plait.)
  • (0:24) 8 (huit)
  • (0:27) And 9 from Banker (et neuf la Banque?) [Even though Bond shows five = error in editing the film]
  • (0:40) 1 million from Banker, sir (Un million a Banco, monsieur)
  • (0:42) Who matches Banker? (Qui fait Banco?)
  • (0:58) 1 million (un million)
  • (1:02) Banker follows (Banco suivi)
  • (1:04) Cards, if you please (Cartes s'il vous plait)
  • (1:14) Card [hit me] (Carte)
  • (1:32) Nine to Banker (Neuf la Banque)
  • (1:36) I pass. (Je m'en passe.)

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