In "Kill Bill", in the duel between O-Ren and the Bride, there is this small water mill (not sure how else to describe it) that is shown to be a part of the scene.

It seems like it is a homage to something - probably some Japanese movie, but I never saw a mention of it anywhere.

Is it a homage to some scene?

  • the video link in this answer might help you
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  • Incidentally, that "water mill" is called a Shishiodoshi. It's depicted fairly often in Japanese media, so like many other aspects of the scenes with O-Ren there might not be any deeper reason for it than "it's a Japanese thing".
    – Ixrec
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Yes, it is possibly a homage.

This is extremely similar to the end of the opening "You brought 2 horses too many" shootout scene in "Once upon a time in the West" - right after the shootout, we see this turning, squeaking windmill.

I've managed to find a YouTube example. The relevant portion is between the 2:25 and 2:45 marks.

Please note that this is merely a possibility and purely my speculation, since I wasn't able to find that specific piece in any of the listings of homages, including those that list a couple of the ones from "Once upon a time in the West".

  • Though your example is a wind mill.. but it's possible though :)
    – paddotk
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    Tarantino is a huge fan of the Spaghetti Western genre, especially Once upon a time in the West, so that makes sense to me.
    – Monty129
    Commented Aug 11, 2012 at 19:46

The mill is more of a metaphor imo. Like the heroine, it repeatedly gets taken down only to bounce back time after time. It adds to the scene's beauty exhibiting QT's brilliance in creating a deep environment for the screen to get lost in. Homage it may be, but definitely a perfectly placed garnish.

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