We all know in the first two Terminator movies and in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles seasons 1 & 2 John Connor's mother is Sarah Connor. I have two questions about her:

  1. In the first two Terminator movies when Sarah Connor is giving birth to John Connor, what is her age?

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  1. In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, when giving birth to John Connor, what is her age?

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Are there any differences between the movie and TV continuities in this regard?


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You can find the information on her wikipedia page:

Very little is known about Sarah's life prior to May 12, 1984. The Terminator does not specify her age or birth date, although according to the original script (available on the Special Edition DVD), she was 19 years old. The film was primarily set on May 12–14, 1984; according to the script, her birth date would be between May 15, 1964, and May 11, 1965.[citation needed]

In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sarah's psychologist states she is 29. The film takes place when John (born February 28, 1985) is 10, placing Sarah's birth date between March 1, 1965, and February 25, 1967, making her either 17, 18, or 19 during The Terminator. Many of the franchise's hardcore fans and writers of "Terminator" novels have speculated Sarah's exact date of birth is November 13, 1965, because this date is compatible with her given age in The Terminator and her stated age by the end of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in the final episode "Born to Run".[citation needed]

The tombstone shown in Terminator 3 reads 1959–1997. This birth year would make her 24 or 25 during The Terminator. She and John were living "off the grid" in her adult years, routinely using false names, birthdates, inter alia. Her tomb was really a weapons cache. She dies of leukemia sometime after "Judgment Day" (August 29, 1997). Terminator 3 changes John's age in the second film from 10 to 13, introducing contradictions in the films' datings that cannot be reconciled to one timeline.

Linda Hamilton was 27 when Terminator was made.

In terminator Genisys it also stated that Sarah is around 20 in 1984 (She mentions that she was 9 1973, when Pops saved here)

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