I have a question about the season 1 finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "What He Beheld", when Cameron is getting into the vehicle and it blows up because of a bomb and her CHIP was reset and she tries to kill John Conner. So my question is, Cameron was able to scan everything and sense everything because she was a Terminator robot but she could not know or find that there's a bomb attached to her vehicle. Why is this, is she becoming like a human?

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Terminators do not have x ray vision, and there is no way to detect everything. Terminators are not infallible, they can be tricked into ambushes and explosives. None of this means she's becoming human, in a physical way. It could mean she's acting more human. But her normal terminator skills are still there.


Cameron is a machine and could theoretically break down the entire car and scan the entire thing, but that would take a lot of time and there was no reason for her to think there would be a bomb on the car. There was no motive for her to do that. She's a machine, she doesn't know everything.

This isn't an indication of her becoming human and it's hard to imagine an argument to suggest that it is.

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