Movie starts with a (I assume British) guy who wants to commit suicide but he does not succeed. He meets a local guy who wants to earn some money and tells him that he will kill the suicidal man.

But he is not a real killer, every time he tries, he fails. But other people die (for example some older lady is hit by rock by mistake, some cops eat the poisoned cake, etc).

I think it's Czech (not sure about that) comedy/drama/crime from around 1990-2010.

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You're after Shut Up and Shoot Me:

Long-suffering Czech Pavel Zeman works six jobs, so his ungrateful wife Liba can buy designer shoes and clothes. Colin Frampton is an Englishman who never stops worrying, not even on holiday in Prague. When Colin's wife is accidentally squashed by a statue, he decides that he can't face life without her. So Colin bribes Pavel to help him die. An unlikely friendship develops as Pavel's plans for Colin's death spin out of control, attracting the violent interest of local gangster Karel Karlovic.

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    Yes, exactly this one. I was trying to find it for more than one hours but sadly google is not best tool to find "suicide" movies. Thank you – PolishDeveloper Jul 18 '16 at 13:58
  • No problem. I happened to see it in a cinema once, great black comedy. – Chanandler Bong Jul 18 '16 at 14:00

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