In the scene at the end of The Reader where the daughter places the tin can next to a portrait. The lady on the left wearing a dotted skirt seems to resemble "Hanna Schmitz". Isn't it her?

Portait with the Tin can from "Hanna Shmitz" to the surviving daughter


Accortding to the script of The Reader:


      ILANA is standing at the window watching down to the street
      where MICHAEL is walking away. She has the tin in her hand.
      When he's vanished, she turns and goes into her bedroom.
      There on the dressing table, there is a framed photo of ILANA
      with her mother in Germany before the war. She sets the tin
      down beside the photo.

So we may presume that the lady on the left (looking to her left) is Hanna, and the young girl in front of her is Ilana.

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