In the last episode of the 2nd season of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "Born to Run", there was the last scene with electric sparking and we can hear a female voice, it's saying:

I love you too...

So my question is who is this voice, is it Cameron's voice or another voice?

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The Wikia has the answer:

Q:' Did Sarah Connor actually go through the portal? If not, why did Sarah Connor choose to leave her son behind, and whose voice was the one saying "I love you too, John" at the very end?

A: It is possible that Sarah jumped to the future after John and Weaver. It is also possible that John Connor returned through the time bubble at that point. He could have recovered the chip and returned to the point in which he left days, weeks, months, even years later without difficulty. Most likely, her voice at the end was an artistic touch added for closure. She was saying her goodbye to John. Earlier in the episode, John told Sarah he loved her — this could also be Sarah letting go of John.


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