In 1991's Switch, a tale of a murdered man resurrected as a woman, Ellen Barkin plays the main characters female persona. In this movie, she is incapable of walking in heels, having never done it as a cis-gendered straight male with no cross dressing tendencies.

But one thing that struck me was that her legs seemed very... masculine? Muscular, they seemed muscular, more so than any fit late 80's early 90s woman that looks like a "shit brickhouse" would have.

So my question is, did they intentionally enhance or highlight the muscles in Ellen Barkin's legs for the movie? To make her seem more like a man, a reoccurring theme in the movie? In order to make Goldie seem like the male main character Steve?


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I am quite certain it is just her legs. She "walked like a man1" which would most like cause her to walk different. The fact that she is seen in a skirt throughout most of the movie just accentuates her legs.

There doesn't appear to be a lot of special make-up effects, other than basic make-up, costumes, and the like. This is just a man that got put into a woman's body, not much more magic to it than the cast, the costumes, and the script.

Here is a picture of her legs in Bad Company, a different movie than Switch:

male character looking at a woman on a bed

As you can see her legs show some definition.

Here is a picture of her legs in Switch:

Woman standing, wearing a red dress

Actually, there appears to be less definition in her legs. That may be what you are attributing to be as more manly.

1Not Your Average Male

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