I was watching a slo-mo video of Bran's visions courtesy of this answer:

One of them goes like this (starting from 1:37 in that video):

  1. Wildfire being poured
  2. Aerys shouting "Burn them all!"
  3. A wildfire explosion in a tunnel...
  4. Wildfire being placed in the tunnel
  5. Jaime drawing his sword and advancing on Aerys
  6. A young Ned saying "Where's my sister"
  7. A closeup of a bloodstained hand, opening and clenching its fingers. It appears to be someone's right hand, could be a man's or a burly woman's, wearing what looks like a leather sleeve with string, on some kind of stone or rough metal surface, with what looks like another more slender/feminine right hand touching the sleeve.

Screenshot from the video, showing an open bloodstained hand Screenshot from the video, showing a closed bloodstained hand
(these are screenshots, click them for a larger version)

  1. Jaime stabbing a fleeing Aerys
  2. Robb not having a great time at Edmure's wedding
  3. Jaime pulling his sword from Aerys' back
  4. A black raven flying
  5. Robb falling at the red wedding
  6. A closeup of Leaf the child of the forest
  7. A whitewalker swinging at Hardholme
  8. Jaime making himself comfortable on the iron throne
  9. More wildfire explosion, dragons, babies being turned into white walkers, and continuations of previous scenes

What's the scene with the bloodied hand? Have we seen it yet? We know that some of these are scenes from the future, I'm wondering if this is one too, or if it's simply something from existing footage that I'm failing to recognise.

At first I thought it might be Jaime losing his hand, which would slightly fit with the theme, but it doesn't make sense that the fingers clench after they are covered in blood? Or possibly a moment from the Red Wedding?

From the sequence of the video (and also this is what I thought when I first watched the scene) it could be from S06E10:

Young Ned with Lyanna, clasping his bloodstained hand after trying to help her. What I thought was stone could be bloodstained sheets?

… but the positioning doesn't look right, the backdrop doesn't look right, and I don't recognise it or remember him making that clasping gesture.

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It's from the full flashback scene where Ned discovers Lyanna in the Tower of Joy.
S06E10 at approx 55:17

We don't see that exact shot, but this is as close as we do see ...

enter image description here

Ned is kneeling by the bed, and reaches out to Lyanna's hand as she lifts it. The blood-stained wood you see is the bed frame.
It then cuts to a wider shot from overhead, which I've included to give some perspective to the scene.

enter image description here

We do see Ned's bloodied hand later [55:59]

enter image description here

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