I'm not an American so someone from the US may be able to explain. Why does John Casey admire and keep photos of ex-President Ronald Reagan, I mean why that specific president, and not any other previous or current president?

John Casey and Regan


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Adam Baldwin was personally responsible for the development of the Casey character, a character with which he identifies strongly. The photo of Reagan is his own personal photo, he often tweets Reagan quotes, and he is due to play Reagan in an upcoming film. In an interview with Big Hollywood, he talks about being openly conservative in Hollywood:

I do take the responsibility of portraying a guy who’s serious about protecting the nation and I am a serious patriot, an American Patriot. I believe that without our military, fighting men and women, that our country would have fallen long ago. But they didn’t allow that to happen so I support and defend that in my civilian capacity as much as I can. And I try to portray that as well as I can. So, I love the military. I love weapons as tools of defending liberty, individual liberty, and freedom. I believe in the Constitution. I believe in the American founding documents, or as Madison or Adams called them, America’s political scriptures, which are the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights...

Casey defends, protects, serves America, which is what America’s scriptures say, which is protect, secure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And, that’s what Casey, he is. You know, the folks (on "Chuck") were accommodating to the fact that I brought a perspective that they necessarily didn’t have in their life, or their creative writing, that could make John Casey more authentic...

Did you keep the picture of Ronald Reagan that was in Casey’s apartment? Well, that was mine. That was a copy I have, so I have the original. Yes.


It could be because Reagan was strongly anti-communist and lead a strong military policy during the cold war, two points which agree very well with John Casey.


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