I know ID questions are not good questions to ask but for the life of I can't remember the name of this TV series.

I saw it on either Hulu or Netflix (but don't see it in any of my queues), earlier this year or late last year. It was a newer series, probably last 2-3 years, and it was only one season that I was able to watch. It may have been on one of the major networks like ABC or Fox, or one of the cable networks like AMC or TNT or something. I can't be for sure because I don't subscribe to cable.

It involved a town where only the kids and adults up to age 21 were alive. Something happened when they turned 21, some kind of conspiracy might have been involved. 2 factions break out, one involving the well off kids taking charge of town and a group of outcasts from the wrong side of town. I think the town may have been quarantined.

Really curious to remember, I want to know if there is/was a season 2 or not.


You're most probably after Between, that is being distributed by Netflix:

The series stars Jennette McCurdy as Wiley Day, a pregnant teenage daughter of a minister living in the small town of Pretty Lake, which is coping with a mysterious disease which has killed everybody who is over 21 years old. The series is a co-production with Netflix, who distributes the series outside of Canada as a Netflix original series.

Indeed the town is under quarantine:

In the trailer for Netflix’s upcoming show Between, a plague sweeps through the small town of Pretty Lake, killing everyone over a certain age and forcing the young survivors to live in quarantine, without adult supervision.


Netflix confirmed that the series will come back with second season in July 2016.

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