In Friends Season 3 Episode 25 the following scene happens:

[Scene: The beach house, the next morning. Chandler and Monica are in the kitchen eating breakfast.]

Rachel: (entering) Well! Is everybody else having just the best time?! Well, I assume the happy couple isn’t up yet. Did you guys hear them last night?

Chandler: Oh, yeah, I don’t know what they were doing, but at one point sea turtles actually came up to the house.

I am not sure what Chandler is referring to here, but I have three interpretations:

  1. That the turtles was angry from the sex noises and they came to demand silence.
  2. That the sounds they were making sounded like a summoning technique for those turtles.
  3. That I am wrong, and it is something totally different.

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Pretty sure it's number 2. While not very scientifically sound (sea turtles can't hear very well, if at all), the sounds a tortoise makes while mating are quite loud and a bit human-like [Warning: Turtle Love]:


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