My questions regard the movie Basic.

Since at the end we find out that:

Section 8 is actually a black-ops anti-drug unit led by Tom Hardy (who is addressed as "Colonel"). The "Section-8" insane-mercenary story is a cover to spook the cartels. "Dunbar", "Castro", "Nuñez" and "Pike" (not their names) infiltrated the base to investigate the cocaine trafficking that was going on, and discovered Mueller, Kendall and Vilmer were responsible. West, not realizing Styles was also involved, informed him of the findings. Styles responded by ordering Mueller and Kendall to kill West. The training mission ordered by West was in fact a covert Section-8 set-up to get rid of Mueller and Kendall, faking West's death

I wonder what was the point of all the interrogations and false stories? Why Hardy and Osborne had to go back and forth between the two survivors?

It seems that the ending makes the whole movie pointless...

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  • I think even Nobel laureates couldn't explain the logic behind Basic's plot. ;) – Walt Jun 10 '16 at 11:54

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