In HIMYM s2e16 Lily gives Barney a flier for her play, he says:

Asking someone to come see your play is like asking someone for a ride to the airport or to crash on your couch or to help you move. Call a cab, book a room, hire some movers ...

But in a later episode he not only asks his friends to help him and his brother and mother pack and move, but actively manages to pursue them to help, even though they were reluctant.

Is there some explanation by the producers, why Barney was so much against it in one instance, and suddenly had a change of heart at a later point? Or is it just plot development, and the only way they could have them discover James' dad was in this particular setup, going against something Barney believes in?

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    It could be he's just a hypocrite.
    – Breno
    Jun 9, 2016 at 15:07

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You're gonna have to realize quite soon that Barney doesn't believe in many things, especially early in the series. He just believes in whatever goes his way at this exact moment.
Like Breno said, this special case is very close to hypocrisy, and maybe even selfishness and egocentrism.

This is a typical do as I say, not as I do scenario.


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