In The Life of David Gale, as the movie ends, you realize that the execution was all planned by Constance and David. What I want to know is: Was Berlin a part of the setup?

What leads me to believe that she was a part of the grand setup is that she frames David and magically disappears, never to return. Perhaps she was party with David in all this? Frame an innocent man for rape and then Constance and David follow up on the plan? This would make it palatable for citizen in the movie to digest David's execution and also help him and Constance prove their point that the system is broken.

Or was it a random incidence?


I made myself believe that Berlin was the cocoon of the entire conspiracy. She was the perfect setup after being dispelled from college. Moreover, the love making scene makes it more evident for viewers to believe that it was a clear set up by Smart Mr. Gale!

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