On one of the final episodes of King of the Hill, Boomerhaur's occupation, which was never previously discussed (other than being a ladies' man who sometimes had benefactors) was possibly revealed as being a Texas Ranger.

Specifically, it showed his wallet, with a Texas Ranger badge.

Jeff Boomhauer

Was he really a Texas Ranger though, or was this just something he used to get ladies?

It seemed to me like he couldn't be a Texas Ranger for several reasons:

  • His trademark near-incomprehensible way of speaking would make it difficult or impossible for him to deal with either citizens or suspects profesionally
  • He did a number of illegal things with Hank, Dale, and Bill (though admittedly law enforcement employees break the law all the time, so this is a weak point)
  • There were a number of times when he and the guys needed law enforcement, like when they were being terrorized by a former NFL player who the cops wouldn't arrest due to his star power, but he never showed his badge or said he was a Ranger
  • He was involuntarily committed to an insane asylum for wandering the street in his underwear and seeming to have threatened a cop
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    I thought this was one of the best reveals of the series. I choose to believe he is a Ranger. – Dpeif May 26 '16 at 4:16
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    @Dpeif Yea, I tell you what, I thought it would've been great it they did it a little earlier and made at least 1 episode on it to answer some dang ole questions and clear it up man, if he's a Ranger or if it's one of his lady-killing tricks. He is my favorite character. I'm just not even sure which was their intent. I guess he's really supposed to be a Ranger. – Hack-R May 26 '16 at 11:14

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