In "Oathbreaker", the third episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones

Arya drinks the water from the fountain in the House of Black and White to gain back her eye-sight.

I haven't read the books, but from the series alone my understanding is that

only people who are truly "No One" can drink the water without being harmed. The Faceless Man also says something along those lines just before Arya drinks the water.

So what are the criteria for being truly "No One"?

In particular Arya still strives to kill the names on her list.

Is this maybe the purpose of the brotherhood? To become "No One" you have to give up everything except for a list of names that you intend to offer to the god of many faces? Like I said, haven't read the books, so correct me if I'm wrong.

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While there are no official rules given we can infer to become No One a person must fully realize that their service is to Many-Faced God and not any personal reasons.

The only reason Jaqen offered Ayra three names at Harrenhal is because she saved three men who were supposed to be claimed by the gods

Jaqen: Only death may pay for life... You stole three deaths from the Red God, we have to give them back.

In this scene Ayra shows she is ready. (start at about 2:45 for quote)

Waif: That can't be everyone you want to kill; are you sure you are not forgetting someone?

Arya: Which name would you like a girl to speak.

This shows she has moved beyond her own wants. She is willing to accept killing anyone.

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