In the recent BBC TV series adaptation of John le Carre's novel The Night Manager, the man himself made a cameo appearance in one of the scenes, placing his seal of approval on the adaptation. The linked article mentions that he's previously made similar appearances in other televised versions of his books. How many times has he done this?

How many film or TV adaptations of le Carre novels have been 'blessed' in this way by the author?

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Three times.

Apart from episode 1.4 of The Night Manager (2016) that you already mentioned, John Le Carré appeared as a Christmas party guest in Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy (2011) and as "Commander" in The Little Drummer Girl (1984), though credited as "David Cornwell".

Screenshot from John Le Carré's IMDb page

This also means that he exclusively acts in TV shows and movies adapted from his own works.

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