I just watched Under Suspicion (1991) and I'm not sure I've understood the outcome of the movie.
Is it that Tony and Stassio's first wife screwed up everyone, framed Angelina, and got away, or I missed something?


This blog post explains:

But Tony turns out alright, with Frank coming in at the nick of time to save his life (literally) finding the dude's thumb in Angeline's things. Angeline is caught and convicted - whew that was close - she almost got away with it!

If only things ended where they did, but no, they had to keep beating a horse that had died many scenes ago. Tony Aaron is revealed to be his wife's and Stasio's killer and planting the thumb in Angeline's house. Apparently, Tony was in cahoots with Stasio's wife to get some of the money from Stasio's paintings. Whoa - wait a tick - say what?

  • Nice. Pretty close to what I thought, but now that's even clearer and nicer with him being the crook. Good movie it was. Apr 21 '16 at 17:29

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