In Kingsman: The Secret Service the following line is used by his superior when the new recruit is about to get his first bespoke fitted suit:

One does not use fitting room two when one is popping one's cherry.

OK, so the second fitting room is probably not as luxuriously appointed as the first, but is that the only reason Harry doesn't want Eggsy to pop his bespoke suit cherry in there?

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    don't have any resources to back this up, but I'd assume it is purely a tradition to use the main or most important fitting room for your first time because it's a special event.
    – gannolloy
    Apr 11, 2016 at 18:45

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As I remember it fitting room 1 was the room with the long tunnel going down while fitting room 2 had all the gadgets. This doesn't quite answer the question but I would assume it makes fitting room 1 more important. It being his cherry and all.

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