At the end of the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" it shows the protagonist sending her first child to Greek School to learn the language

Is this actually common in the Greco-American community? While I know of Jews sending their kids to Hebrew school, I have never heard of Italian-Americans sending their kids to Italian school, or Polish-Americans to Polish school. Is this unique to the Greek ethnic group, occur in more ethnic groups than I realize, or "not really a thing"? I realize that the author of the story, Nia Vardalos is of that culture and would presumably know what is authentic...

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    A quick google search for "Greek school Chicago" gives a bunch of results, so yes, this is clearly a thing. Opa! Apr 4 '16 at 8:42

Absolutely, most cultural specific churches (Greek Orthodox, Armenian, etc) also have "schools" for teaching Language and traditions to 2nd generation children to assure they continue to be recognized and celebrated.

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