Does anyone know what the budget was for the film Hitchcock? I read somewhere that it had a low budget, but I haven't been able to find a specific amount.

(Due to the low budget--I read--it was filmed on a short shooting schedule. So Anthony Hopkins's makeup (to look like Hitchcock) had to be devised in a way that took just 90 min. a day to put on.)


The film's producer (Tom Pollock) reports that their agreement with Fox Searchlight Pictures was that they would stick to a budget of approximately $15M.

Finally, Fox Searchlight Pictures signed on ― with some conditions. “We had to get the budget down to $15m-something and we had to source half, because that’s how studios operate today,” says Pollock. “Ivan Reitman and I put up the money ourselves through Cold Spring Pictures, through which we have previously invested in Up In The Air and No Strings Attached.” - Screendaily interview

The movie itself was filmed over 35 days, implying that more than 70-80% of their total budget was spent on "below the line" costs such as filming (cinematography/lights), talent costs (actors), effects/makeup and post-editing.

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Apparently it was 15 to 16 million according to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, which states 15.7 million. Half by Montecito and the other half by Fox Searchlight.

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