In the movie The Revenant, when Di Caprio jumps off the cliff while on his horse, the scene looks very realistic. While in the "fight with the bear" scene I could definitely tell that it was done with help of CGI, the horse jump looked a lot more realistic.

How did they film it?

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    Would a horse willingly jump off a cliff?
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The horse-off-the-cliff scene was created with the help of Industrial Light & Magic per this interview with the film's visual effects supervisor.

This clip (which I believe was aired during Academy Awards) shows a brief glimpse of how the scene was put together. Essentially, a stunt man rode a motorized mock-up horse over an embankment and jumped off, landing on an inflatable, and then CGI was used to add realism.

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There was a brief behind-the-scenes snippet from that scene during the Academy Awards, when they were announcing the nominees for Best Visual Effects. It appears that a fake horse and a blue screen were used. There's a copy of the ceremony on YouTube, but the video quality is very poor. The snippet begins at 43m18s.

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