In Focus (2015) Owens shoots Nicky in the rib, and he puts this thing and sucks it to bring him alive.

enter image description here

So what's this thing?

  • Haven't seen it yet, but any chance his lung collapsed and he perforated it to fix this problem? At least I remember something similar from one ER episode.
    – Mario
    Commented Mar 29, 2016 at 8:04
  • Didn't see it. But a broken ribs can cause blood to enter the lungs, and it can act as a syringe to remove it. Or maybe just to get air pass (if it's not the in the lung, directly) because of suffocation, or maybe a thing with adrenaline (usually into heart I think).
    – Larme
    Commented Mar 29, 2016 at 12:37

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The device that is used to remove blood from Nicky's lungs is called a Metal Oil Suction Syringe This is used by auto mechanics for the removal of oil from gearboxes and differentials like the one shown below:

Metal oil syringe

Nicky was more than likely suffering from Pulmonary Contusion, which is treatable with a chest tube and/or suctioning as is shown (rather loosely) in the movie with the metal suctioning syringe. Also, Nicky wasn't dead, so there was no "bringing him alive"

Suctioning: This is done to remove any blood or mucus that is blocking your air passages. Caregivers may insert a tube connected to a suction machine into your mouth, nasal passages, or ET tube.

Chest tube: A chest tube is used to remove air, blood, or fluid from around your lungs or heart. This lets your lungs fill with air when you breathe, and helps your heart beat normally. A tube may be inserted through an incision in your chest to drain the air or fluid. The chest tube is attached to a container to collect the blood or fluid.

Of course, this is Hollywood and the chances of this scenario being successful are slim to none.

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