There is this commonly known meme about actors working together with Kevin Bacon and the associated "Bacon number" defining the degree of separation an actor has from Kevin Bacon based on collaborative works. But how does it work exactly?

If I was an extra in a movie with Kevin Bacon, in the same scene as Kevin Bacon but they never listed me in the credits on IMDB, can I claim a Bacon number or does it not count? I don't think it counts something like meeting Kevin Bacon, just acting in movies counts and not even being the director of a Kevin Bacon movie will count as a Bacon number of 1 since only actors count.

With this interpretation, can I claim a Bacon number of 4 if I was an extra in the same scene in a feature movie with Jon Skolmen who has Bacon number of 3?

Is it safe to say that my Bacon number is limited to, and at most 4?

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    While you're working out your Bacon number, you might also want to spend a few minutes getting IMDB to update your credits history; imdb.com/help/show_leaf?uncreditedcredits – user7812 Mar 26 '16 at 20:13
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    Theoretically yes. The rules are slightly more flexible for older films (where fewer extras were credited) but the general principle is that you have to be "identifiable and featured on-screen in the final released cut of the title" and that you may be asked to "provide photos/stills/screen grabs to verify that you are featured.". If it's your sole credit you'll really struggle though... – user7812 Mar 26 '16 at 20:28
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    That being the case, the actor Björn Granath (who also appeared in Snowroller) has a Bacon number of 2, making your Bacon number 3. – user7812 Mar 26 '16 at 20:58
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    Fascinating! Irritating that TV doesn't count.. If it did my Bacon number would be 3, movies only it's Infinity :-( [I only count it if I had a line, I've never put SA work on my IMDB page] – Tetsujin Mar 27 '16 at 11:11
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    Sorry, SA = Supporting Artist, the new 'PC' term for 'extra'. I've an audition Tuesday for a part alongside Tom Hardy... but again it's TV, so no bacon even if I'm in the whole series... ;) – Tetsujin Mar 27 '16 at 18:42

The creators of the Kevin Bacon game elaborated on the major rules of the game in their book "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon". These have been replicated in a number of books including "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: The Complete Guide to the Movie Trivia Game"


Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a movie trivia game where one person who has been in at least one film is named. Usually (but not always) this is an actor or actress, but anyone appearing in a film can be named. This person is then linked to Kevin Bacon using as few films as possible. However, non-actors and non-actresses that have been in films, people like Donald Trump and Larry King, usually can be linked (Donald Trump/54/Neve Campbell/WT/KB Larry King/Mad City/Dustin Hoffman/SL/KB]

Crew members of films don't count unless they also appear in the film. No animals can be used either, Homo sapiens only.

Appearance in a film by archival footage does not count for game purposes but extras and people who only do voiceover work in a film do count. Links are only allowed using films, no made-for-TV movies, no TV series, no straight-to-video releases, and no video games are allowed. Actors and actresses who have only appeared on stage, TV and/or straight-to-video releases and were never in a film cannot be linked.

I've highlighted the relevant passage. Since you were hypothetically an extra in a film starring Bacon, your 'Bacon number' would be 1. Anyone starring in a film alongside you would have a 'Bacon number' of 2.

By comparison, Oliver Stone's 'Bacon number' is 3 since directing (e.g. being part of the crew for) a Bacon movie wouldn't make him a 1, nor would starring alongside him in the made-for-TV film 'Oliver Stone: Inside Out' since it wasn't a feature film. His closest brush is through his work as an extra on the film 'Dave' alongside Sigourney Weaver (whose 'Bacon number' is 2)

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    All of the above being said, if you're looking to prove your Bacon number, then a missing IMDB credit can't possibly help you. – user7812 Mar 26 '16 at 20:15

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