I was really impressed by this scene in The Revenant:


Could anyone tell me where it was filmed?

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According to wikipedia:

The film was shot in twelve locations in three countries: Canada, the United States, and Argentina. In Canada, filming took place in Calgary and Fortress Mountain in Alberta, and at Squamish and Mammoth Studios, Burnaby, in British Columbia.While the initial plan was to film entirely in Canada, the weather was ultimately too warm, leading the filmmakers to locations at the tip of Argentina with snow on the ground, to shoot the film's ending.

It seems that That scene was shot in Kananaskis Country situated west of Calgary (source).


This specific scene was shot in Spray Lake's Provincial Park. Leo's character is actually walking on a frozen lake! Most of the locations shot in Canada are in the Kananaskis and neighboring provincial parks.

Seebe/Morley - Native Reserve, Spray Lakes, Kananaskis Country, Dead Man's Flats - 10 Mins outside of Canmore and near an area called Exshaw, Fortress Mountain - Peter Lougheed Provincial Park - Former ski area/unsure if it's still a catski operation, Tent Ridge Area.

The other Canadian location(s) were in BC.

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