I remember a TV show from around 97 or 98 about paranormal stories, though it didn't last long in the USA since in my country it lasted for like 10 episodes but I might be wrong.

The show followed a dynamic where the host would present two stories per episode, and the stories would be reenacted by other actors with no narration from the host.

The host was a very muscular white man, sporting always a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans and had his hair tied up in a ponytail.

One of the stories I remember the most was about a woman who thought someone was living in her apartment only to be revealed she was the intruder suffering from mental illness.

I don't know if this show lasted longer on the USA, I watched it around 97 or 98, but it might had come out earlier but no earlier than 95.

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This sounds very much like Night Visions, with a couple of exceptions.


  • Short lived (13 episode) early '00s show where each episode contained 2 paranormal stories;
  • The host was Henry Rollins, a muscular guy who always wears a tight black shirt;
  • The episode you're describing sounds exactly like a story in episode 6 (called The Occupant with Bridget Fonda).


  • The year is a bit off;
  • Henry Rollins with a ponytail? I don't think so... Maybe when he was in his teens, but not then.

Here's the intro:

  • The year and hair were wrong on my part, that's the tv show, I had forgotten it was Henry Rollins the one hosting, I had the impression of a ponytail but that's him indeed – Uriel Arvizu Mar 3 '16 at 6:59

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