The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode "McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: The Trial of the Century" (S11E07) ends with the judge dismissing the whole case and calling in the particpants of the next trial:

We have Morgan State Delivery vs. the proprietors of one Paddy's Pub.

which of course is the gang yet again. But this makes me wonder, is this actually a reference to a previous episode of the show, possibly one of the gang's various schemes involving said "Morgan State Delivery"? (The Ponderosa-McPoyle wedding referenced in the case this episode was about was back in season 8, so maybe the episode possibly referenced at the end was too?)


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TL;DR: Yes, it is a reference to an earlier episode.

The line you quoted is actually

We have Morgan Steak Delivery vs. the proprietors of one Paddy's Pub.

It is a reference to S10E4, Charlie Work, in which the gang pretend Paddy's is a restaurant called "Carmine's - A Place For Steaks", and then contaminate a delivery truck full of steaks with chicken parts to rip off the delivery company. As far as I know, the exact phrase "Morgan Steak Delivery" is never used in the episode, but there is a truck driver who delivers steaks to Paddy's and gets scammed.

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