I remember a scene of a film I saw in the 1990s- early 2000. I know i was probably was too young to watch that.

So the scene is in a bright room with jail-bars in the back. A man was there, a very strange man, with long and dirty dark hair. I don't know how he got a gun but he shot himself in the mouth. There was other people in the room talking about the strange man.

I seem to remember something about a golden tooth, a car on fire with one or more people inside and a girl with strange drawing.

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4 key parts of your description fit in with The Pledge (2001). Directed by Sean Penn and starring Jack Nicholson.

Man in jail shot himself in the mouth.

A suspect (Benicio Del Toro) grabs a gun and shoots himself in the head (through the mouth). He has long, dark hair.

Shot in mouth

Golden tooth

He has a gold tooth. gold tooth

It gets a bit gory. The tooth is embedded in the wall and gets extracted by Jack Nicholson. tooth

Girl with strange drawing

A child's drawing is part of the evidence. drawing

Car on fire

This happens near the end. car on fire

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