As per bollywoodhungama.com, Deadpool passed CBFC-A rating with 7 cuts.

What are those exact 7 cuts made in Deadpool to get an A (Adult) rating from the CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) of India? And how do they affect the film?


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From businessofcinema.com, seven scenes that were cut by the censorboard of India are:

  1. All the cuss words have been muted. Also, some sexual euphemisms have been muted.
  2. The triple headshot (with a deagle) scene has been zoomed to show only Deadpool. Because it shows violence.
  3. All the nude and love-making scenes have been deleted and some have been shortened.
  4. Hand cutting and gushing of blood of Deadpool has been replaced with the visuals of Stefan Kapicic’s character Colossus.
  5. The bare bodies in the strip club have been replaced.
  6. The lady in poster touching her parts is replaced.
  7. All the gory shots in the climax scene are replaced too.

Below is the official paper of the cuts made in film,

enter image description here

After watching the film, I can say nothing will be missed from the story point of view, all the curse words are mute but rest is ok.


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