At the very beginning of "About Elly", during the titles, we seem to be seeing some sort of papers being shoved through some sort of slot – from the inside of whatever they're being shoved into. What are we seeing? Are those letters being inserted into a letter slot in a door? Or ballots being put in a ballot box? Or something else? And what significance does it have to the rest of the movie?

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According to this review on IMDB, the Director explained at the launch Q+A that the opening scene depicted the Iranian custom of placing folded banknotes into an alms box before traveling.

Farhadi explained it was an alms box that travelers put money in before a trip to ask for a safe trip, and yes, there was some dialog about Elly putting money in an alms box, but I never connected it to the opening scene.


As an Iranian person, I should answer this. In Iran, we have some boxes in streets and roads that called 'Sandogh-e Sadaghe'. They Supported from government organizations. we put money on it to help poor peoples. there is an old belief that if you help to poor before a travel, you will be safe while you on it. enter image description here

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