In Time of the Gypsies, Perhan and his Girlfriend make love at the Saint George's day feast which takes place on a river:

enter image description here

Could you tell me more about this feast, from the Gypsies' point of view?

Is the Saint George Day from Time of the Gypsies according to some a real practice? Does the film portray this feast in a realistic manner?

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    Hi, no problem. I understand, but choosing the good stack was a huge hesitation for me between movies and christianity... I chose to post here because the question went to me by seeing the movie. According to me, it is both a question about the gypsies' (what is the Saint George day for Gypsies'?) and the film (does the movie is realistic about this feast? Regarding the fireworks or the place, for example). By the way, thanks for editing my question. :)
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In Serbia Saint George's day or Đurđevdan is a very important day for Serbian Romani. It is an Orthodox religious holiday.

This holiday celebrates the return of springtime and is considered the most important. The Romani will decorate their homes with flowers and wash their hands with water from a church well. Lamb is traditionally cooked on this day and there is lots of music, singing, dancing and brass bands.

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