In Eli Roth's movie "Knock Knock" when Bell and Genesis are loading Louis' dead body into the van, who are they talking about when they say "Ronnie can make anything disappear"? I have searched but can't find anything on this and it is the only time in the movie this name is mentioned.

  • Do they actually call him a magician or do they just claim that he can make anything disappear? – steelersquirrel Jan 8 '17 at 5:38

It's a shame this movie is as bad as it is, or this question may have attracted a more authoritative answer. Frankly, I feel like this was a line thrown in the movie deliberately to give the two girls and their shenanigans the appearance of depth that just simply wasn't backed up by the rest of the movie. Instead, it just comes off as an annoying non sequitur for lack of any additional references in that direction.

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