In the uncut version of the Friends episode The One At the Beach (Season 3, Episode 25) there's the following scene:

Phoebe: So, you’re all bored?

Chandler: Yes!

Phoebe: All right, I’m gonna close my eyes and point to someone, and you, whoever I point has to come up with something fun for us to do, and we have to do it.

(They do so, and Phoebe gets in the middle, closes her eyes, and starts spinning in a circle. She stops at Chandler)

Chandler: Okay, umm, we all have to play strip poker.

Monica: Chandler! Why, all of a sudden, do you wanna play strip poker?

Chandler: I think because of margaritas three, four, and nine.

What does Chandler mean by what he said? Why 3, 4 and 9?

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    My take on it? 'Because of the 9 margaritas' isn't funny enough, but also specifying exactly which margaritas made him the right kind of drunk to suggest it is.
    – Walt
    Commented Jan 15, 2016 at 18:06
  • @Walt Any reservations to fleshing that out into an answer? It's exactly the bit that the existing answers are missing.
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I think he is just trying to get the point across that he is very drunk and isn't exactly sure how many margaritas he has had and now would be a good time to have a game of strip poker. Strip poker is usually the kinda game you would play when you are drunk.

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    Are those numbers absolutely random? Because he looked like he hand-picked them!
    – ARGMAN
    Commented Jan 15, 2016 at 15:58
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    imagine you're sober. You observe a friend drink 2 drinks and still be reasonably sensible. Then they drink 3 more - margaritas 3, 4, and 5. Now they aren't making any sense at all and think strip poker would be smart. He's trying to explain this, but he's so drunk he gets the number after 3, 4, ... wrong. That drunk. Commented Jan 15, 2016 at 16:40
  • Or maybe he's trying to say that 3 and 4 are the start of the drunkness, and 9 did complete it totally.
    – ARGMAN
    Commented Jan 16, 2016 at 9:23

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