1. People who have watched the special episode in theaters have (presumably) enjoyed 20-25 minutes of additional footage. Did this footage contain extra scenes, or was it behind-the-scenes footage?

  2. Did said footage appear in the DVD/Blu-ray release of the special episode? (Which was released yesterday on Amazon, etc.)

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A reporter at Forbes has (part of) the answer:

Okay, yes there were around 20 minutes of “behind the scenes” footage, including an amusing “random set details you probably missed” featurette, that will presumably end up on the DVD/Blu Ray release, but less than the estimated 70 minutes or so of documentary material that will end up on said DVD/Blu-Ray release next Tuesday and via online download/streaming purchase this very morning for the price of a single movie ticket.

According to Amazon these are the extras:

  • Mark Gatiss: A Study in Sherlock – 30-minute "making of" documentary
  • Mark Gatiss: Production Diary
  • Creating the Look – Eight inside looks into how different scenes were created in the Sherlock Special
  • Interview with the writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss
  • Sherlockology Q&A

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