In recently aired BBC Sherlock Season 4 Episode 0, when Sherlock goes to visit Mycroft on his call with John Watson. Mycroft tell them about taking a case. Relevant conversation is following:

Watson : But these enemies. How are we to defeat them if you won't tell us about them?
Mycroft : We don't defeat them. We most certainly lose to them.
W : Why?
M : Because they are right. And we are wrong.

What does it mean? How were those "enemies" right ?

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    AFAIK this was not a Series 4 episode, BTW. Series 4 hasn't begun filming yet.
    – KutuluMike
    Commented Jan 5, 2016 at 15:54
  • @MikeEdenfield Yeah sorry...wikipedia called it 'Special 2016' and imdb called it episode 0
    – manshu
    Commented Jan 5, 2016 at 15:58

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Marion Stein has a good explanation over at Happy Nice Time People:

They go to a “desanctified church” where Mary announces she’s found “the heart of the conspiracy.” A group dressed in pointed sheets, not white sheets but nevertheless clan-like, is chanting. Why the KKK reference? It’s another nod to the source material, The Five Orange Pips. Only here it isn’t southern white men hiding under the sheets. It’s British women, including Molly Hooper, and John’s housemaid – women who’ve been abused, brutalized, and ignored. Sherlock’s fake-girlfriend from last season is there too. They have become the “invisible enemy” that Mycroft spoke about, and their cause is just.

Sherlock works it out. Mrs. Riccoletti was dying of tuberculosis. She went on a suicide mission. First, she faked her death by appearing to shoot herself in the head, but she really shot one of her guns at the ground while a co-conspirator splashed blood on the back of her head. A substitute corpse was taken to the morgue. Later, the real Mrs. R killed her husband, and then shot herself. Her body replaced the substitute. Thus the legend of the vengeful ghost was born, and the co-conspirators continued their mission to assassinate the brutes.

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