Are there any films coming out in High Frame Rate (HFR)?

I can't seem to find anything about the use of HFR except commentary on The Hobbit. Is this technology considered for broader use in the film industry and gaining traction since it's debut in the Hobbit series or is it considered somehwat of a "failed experiment"?

Or are there any studios openly working on fixing the issues with HFR, maybe in conjunction with a feature film release? (I'm talking about adapting make-up, costume, props etc.)

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    Yeah I checked Wikipedia before I posted this. But, is that it? I would have expected more than one or two filmmakers to be having a go.
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    it's expensive and filmgoers seem to hate it.
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  • It's always possible to convert 30fps movie to 60fps. It's not completely the same, but you might enjoy it.
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Are there any films coming out in High Frame Rate (HFR)?


James Cameron has said that he'll be using HFR for his Avatar sequels.

Cameron revealed that he considered shooting Avatar at 48 fps, but decided the time wasn’t right. However, he intends to shoot Avatar 2 and 3 at a higher frame rate - the question is whether that will be at 48 or 60. He is currently writing the script and is at least 18 months away from starting to shoot.

Source: Hollywood Reporter's Comic Con coverage.

Andy Serkis has said the same about his film adaptation of George Orwell's book "Animal Farm."

Noting that he worked with "an extraordinarily talented crew and an amazing array of talent" on The Hobbit, Serkis now is exploring the use of some of the tools and techniques used to bring Middle Earth to the screen, including 3D and high-frame-rate photography and projection.

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