Community season 6 episode 9: Grifting 101

Jeff Winger says:

How was grifting class? Did you teach some advanced techniques; only you could understand? The Brown Betty, The Texas Well Baby, The Reverse Jim Gaffigan?

Are these references to real grifts/cons/scams?

What do they entail?

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    Quite doubtful they're real. (Although, the 2nd one could be a reference to Baby Jessica and hoaxes like the Balloon Boy) – Walt Jan 2 '16 at 16:23

My instinct is that the "Brown Betty" is some kind of Food Contamination Hoax; where you place something unpalatable inside something you've bought in the hopes of getting compensation from the vendor. There have been some notable non-scam instances of this happening.

The "Texas Well Baby" would presumably be based on pretending someone is stuck down a well (the modern variation is that someone is stuck overseas) in order to solicit donations from concerned parties. There are, of course real instances of this occurring.

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