I recently watched the movie Beasts of no Nation and most of the characters and location were all Ghanaian -- but I kind of think that is not enough to qualify the movie as Ghanaian.

How can one tell the country of origin of a movie?


Per wikipedia

The International Federation of Film Archives defines the country of origin as the country of the principal offices of the production company or individual by whom the moving image work was made. No consistent reference or definition exists. Sources include the item itself, accompanying material (e.g. scripts, shot lists, production records, publicity material, inventory lists, synopses etc.), the container (if not an integral part of the piece), or other sources (standard and special moving image reference tools).

in the case of "Beasts of No Nation", the production companies were

  • Red Crown Productions
  • Participant Media
  • Come What May Productions
  • Mammoth Entertainment (funding)
  • New Balloon

According to IMDB, all of these companies are headquartered in the US, making the film's "Country of Origin" a clear US production.

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