From Friends: The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion

Monica: He [Pete] wanted to tell me he’s gonna compete is some ultimate fighting competition thingy ... it's like wrestling ...


Phoebe: [intrigued] Oh?!

Monica: Yeah, but without the costumes.

Phoebe: [disappointed] Oh.

Phoebe was immediately intrigued then disappointed. I know that girls like fashion and costumes, but I think Phoebe was far too intrigued by the idea.

Was this a play on the fact that girls (in general) are interested "wrestler's costumes" or a joke that was somehow specific to Phoebe?

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Phoebe has shown a long-standing interest in men in extravagant costumes, notably marrying a professional (gay) ice-dancer.

enter image description here

And dating a fireman

enter image description here

  • Oh ok, so it is a Pheobe thing!
    – ARGMAN
    Dec 21, 2015 at 10:56

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