The older fsociety dude with the specs, that recruits Elliot on the train.. And pushes Elliot off the pier onto the rocks or whatever it is that happened. Is he real, Elliot's alter ego? Or some kind of hallucination? If he is just some kind of mental manifestation, is Elliot actually aware of it?


  • He doesn't seem to have a name, despite playing a pivotal role in the plot, and being a crucial part of the story.
  • Nobody seems to mention him, despite the fact that he appears to be in charge of fsociety's whole operation.
  • The accident gets treated like a suicide attempt by the hospital staff, the psychologist, and Elliot himself.
  • Elliot will speak directly to the viewer, mention our apparent non-existence, and making light of the situation.
  • The few people he gets close to, generally seem to be confused by his behaviour.

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