Probably goes without saying, but big spoiler alert!

The big plot twist of the movie "The Prestige" is that

"Borden" is actually two people, Borden, and his brother/assistant "Fallon."

At the end of the movie,

Angier frames Borden for murdering him, and Borden/Fallon is hung. Then Fallon/Borden comes back and shoots and kills Angier, burns his workshop down, and leaves with his daughter, Jess.

It just occurred to me, that I don't actually know which character dies at the end. Is it

Borden (The husband of Sarah, and the Father of Jess) dies, and Fallon avenges him and takes care of Jess


Fallon (Sarah's brother in law, Jess's uncle) dies, and Borden avenges him and takes care of Jess?

I had always assumed it was the first, but Wikipedia's explanation of the plot states that it is the second. Is there any concrete evidence either way?

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