Even Wookiepedia doesn't seem to have this information about the TIE Fighter from Star Wars. The original TIE Fighter's full model name is TIE/LN. A friend of mine insists it's "Tie-in". But no. I've always known it to be L not I. Wookiepedia also has it as LN, but no explanation as to what that last part stands for.

Does anyone know?

  • The TIE/In is the model number for the TIE Interceptor
    – user7812
    Nov 26, 2015 at 5:37

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The LN model letters you've mentioned were an invention of the Star Wars Essential Guide to Warfare and seem to stands for Tie/Line Fighter; where "Line" indicates that it is the production-line model, one without any substantial modification (e.g. standing apart from the TIE/IN (TIE/Interceptor) and TIE/AD (TIE/Advanced Model), etc.).

enter image description here

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