Recently I've had the opportunity to watch Tarantino's Kill Bill: Vol. 1. It was lots of blood and gore. However, I liked the movie very much. The one which I liked most was, O'Ren-Ishii's lengthy Japanese-animated introduction scene. While watching this scene, I wonder, Why did Tarantino want to show O'Ren-Ishii's character as a animated sequence in particularly. How did he get that idea?

Does he explained the reason for this scene in any interview?

Here, I've embedded the video of that scene.

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I found the information from this site which contains the interview given by the animation producer for that shot:

One of the most striking sequences in both Kill Bill films is the backstory sequence of Deadly Viper Assassination Squad member O-Ren Ishii. Tarantino collaborated with Production I., the anime studio behind Ghost in the Shell, Blood: The Last Vampire and segments of The Animatrix, to craft this bloody, hand-drawn expansion of mythology, an setup that dimensionalizes Ishii and her violent practices.

Animation producer Katsuji Morishita explained to CGSociety that, "Quentin himself came to our studios to meet with us in person. He already had the image and style in mind, and wanted us to make the animation based on his script. He actually acted out the performances of the characters to be animated in front of us. There were 4 sequences in all, and the production period was 1 year. Those 4 sequences would've been extremely difficult to make in live-action. Even if it had been possible, it would've taken tremendous amount of budget and work."

No kidding -- the price tag for the blood alone would have been seven figures.

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    1 year for 4 sequences. That itself is impressive that a director would allow that. I don't think there are many that would understand the work involved these days.
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Tarantino once said that he got inspiration for this scene from Tamil language film "Aalavandhan"(2001) starring Kamal Hassan.

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