Is walter white a selfish man? Asking because at the last episode, he says to his wife 'I enjoyed it' i.e selling drugs, killing people. What is the meaning of it?


Walter satisfied his ego becoming what anyone wouldn't dreamt of. The person behind the druglord mask was fed up with failures and cancer phase gave the extra-ordinary courage to the introverted guy and take the extra mile - 'you can do whatever measures to guard your family'.

But at one point when he says to Skyler - 'I'm the guy who knocks' he elevates himself to a undisputable GOD. Point to note - he was recovering from his cancer at that time.

Later during the all alone phase hiding for his life, in nowhere he realised what he has became and uttered - 'I enjoyed it'.

The best of deciding Good or Bad is to 'Realise' which side you really on.

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