While captured in the "wooden" prison in Prisoners, Alex Jones says: "I waited but he never came". Who is he referring to?


Here is the full text of what he says in this scene:

Alex: I'm not Alex. I'm not Alex.
Keller: What? What are you saying? What? What?
Alex: I'm... Not... Alex...
Keller: What do you mean you're not Alex? What?
Alex: I'm not Alex.
Keller: Just a second, I don't understand. Just talk -- just talk to me.
Alex: I waited, and he never came.
Keller: Come on man. No more riddles. Just fuckin' tell me. I'll let you go home to your aunt if you tell me where they are.
Alex: I just wanted to play...
Keller: Don't make me do this again.
Alex: ...and he never came.
Keller: Don't make me do it.
Alex: He never came. I just wanted to play.
Keller: Why are you making me do this?

Based on the way he delivers these lines combined with some of the facts from the movie, I think Alex (Dano) was literally saying that he waited for the real Alex and he never came.

We know that Barry Milliband is his real name and he was the first child to be abducted by the Jones' after they had lost their own son, whose name was Alex.

Based on this evidence, I think that they lured Barry to come with them by telling him he could come over and play with their son Alex. Then they started drugging him and calling him Alex and over a long period of time he ended up brainwashed.

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    Wow. This is really an intelligent theory. Might as well be true. Thank you. – Haris Dec 4 '15 at 7:46

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