How many people has Jim killed in Under the Dome? This is a serious question, as I'm starting to wonder if Jim is a greater threat to humanity than the dome and what's inside it.

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From Wikia of the character Jim, he has killed 18 people directly and one indirectly. You can see it in the character detail in the side section.

Killed Victims: 18 killed

1 indirectly killed

You can also see the list of killed victims there.

Lester Coggins (pushed his head to the Dome; hearing aid exploded)

Boomer Platt (killed in an explosion of a propane tank)

Agatha Seagrave (caused; drowned)

Maxine Seagrave (shot once)

Otto Aguilar (shot once)

Dorothy "Dodee" Weaver (fatally shot in the chest)

Lyle Chumley (fatally stabbed in the chest)

Philip "Phil" Bushey (indirectly; jumped off a cliff after Big Jim closed the path to Zenith)

Rebecca Pine (bludgeoned to death)

Andrea Grinnell (fatally shot in the head)

Marston (throat slashed)

Carolyn Hill (unknowingly; crushed by falling debris)

Hektor Martin (shot in the head)

Kyle Lee (bludgeoned to death with a trophy)

James "Junior" Rennie (stabbed in the heart in self-defense)

3 unnamed Chester's Mill residents (1 man stabbed in the back and 2 men sliced in their necks)

2 unnamed farmers (both shot while fighting for the well on Ollie's side)

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