I was watching this trailer about the movie "Concussion" and to me Will Smith looks very different from the last movie I saw him in just a couple of years ago. Something about his jawline and the shape of the head otherwise(?)

Here is a screen grab from the YouTube video:

Will Smith

In any case it does not look like these facial features are caused by makeup. And he looks a bit older than the 47 or so that he is. So I thought maybe they purposely wanted him to look a bit different.

Did they use CGI in this movie to make him look different? Or is it a case of me needing to improve my facial recognition skills?

  • He also might be sticking his jaw forward a little bit. (And he's a really good actor with good control of his facial muscles, so that could be part of it.) – BrettFromLA Sep 30 '15 at 20:53

According to this interview with Smith they used prosthetics that pulled back his ears and changed his hairline:

But besides taking dialect training Smith also had to undergo a physical transformation to help him look more like Nigerian doctor Dr. Bennet Omalu. “I had a prosthetic that was glued to pull my ears back and that changes the shape of my face,” he explained. “And I had a small piece that changed the shape of the hairline. It was really subtle, but just little things like that.”

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