In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, in the Amazon chasing scene, Marion was in a boat-shaped car. At the end of the chasing scene, she drives the boat-shaped car onto a tree that just happens to be growing on the side of the cliff and slips gently into the water. I guess that the tree on the cliff won't be visible from the car, because the tree was grown horizontally on the cliff.

I wonder, how did Marion definitely know there'll be a tree in the cliff?


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Marion sees the tree a few moments earlier.

From the script (page 102A):

Marion ducks as the Russian GUNFIRE SCREECHES off the metal sides of the duck.

But it allows Mutt and Mac to jump in from the other side, keeping low.

Marion hits the gas and they take off toward the river. But they soon reach a short cliff.

Marion stomps on the brakes and looks over the edge. She sees they’re only about twenty or thirty feet above the river, and there’s a large tree halfway down.

Cliff Cliff

She turns the duck around, but she’s thinking something.


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